BBM on Android

BBM on Android

"Download BBM on Android in your Smartphone. You install BBM for Android in a few seconds"


bbm on android - bbm for android

BBM on Android is the bet of Blackberry to enhance its application owner of instant messaging. Don't expect more to download BBM on Android and enjoy this magnificent application on your Smartphone, now also available for the system of Apple with its version of BBM for iPhone. The IOS version can be installed on the iPhone and the iPad, and competes directly with other apps as Viber for iPad.

BBM on Android has been discharged in just a few weeks by millions of users. Many of the followers of the Canadian brand that makes time available for Blackberry devices, now rejoice with the launch of BBM for Android and they have not been slow to download BBM on Android in their new phones. BBM on Android promises to be a success, and plans to compete with other applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat or Line. BBM is an application that can be installed on the PC as Viber or Line, if these interested in line you can learn to download Line for PC from the link above or install WhatsApp to PC with Bluestacks 2.

Download BBM on Android 

Download BBM on Android

BBM on Android is today one of the instant messaging applications more secure from all over the world, for this reason there are many users who have chosen to download BBM on Android in their new Smartphone and be able to recover the privacy in the talks and sending text messages. The security that offers BBM on Android is one of its best features, inherited from the original version only available for Blackberry devices. This feature is also present in the BBM version for iPhone.

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If you want to get the messaging application more secure throughout the world, don't expect more to download BBM for Android.


Good reasons to use BBM on Android or BBM for iPhone

Download BBM on Android is of great utility for all those users who receive much spam through the messaging apps. BBM on Android highlights why it is a app with the that you will not receive spam. You will receive no spam because BBM for Android does not use the mobile number as user registration, in this way the receipt of spam is reduced considerably, thanks to the registration and identification of users using a pin.

BBM on Android also stands out for its great stability offered by the application. This app works great and it will avoid the typical crashes that you suffer with other instant messaging applications.

Main advantages of Blackberry Messenger for Android

These are the main advantages of this application:

• Security that offers in the sending of text messages

• With BBM not receive spam

• And this app gives you a very high stability

Blackberry Messenger is one of the most secure applications to carry out conversations via text messages, for this reason the Blackberry Messenger is used by thousands of entrepreneurs, senior executives of multinationals and leaders throughout the world. Download the version for Android or iPhone BBM (Blackberry Messenger) and enjoy this fantastic and functional application.

After several months since its launch, the application continues to be discharged by many users. Blackberry Messenger is gaining market share.

New features for BBM for Android

As had already been announced from the Canadian company, have been presented new features for the version of BBM for Android. Now Blackberry Messenger allows you to make voice calls and also has the option of subscribing to channels in order to stay informed of our favorite songs. These options are available to registered users on the platform Blackberry Beta Zone.

Other improvements in BBM for Android are the ability to make real-time tracking of the location, in addition to share pictures, videos faster than ever.

The efforts of the Canadian company to improve its app, is due in large part in that have been deposited in the messaging application part of their hopes for bailing out the Blackberry brand. For this reason are incorporating functions already available in the version of the Blackberry Messenger in the version of BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone. With these improvements are intended to build loyalty among users who have already downloaded the app on their smartphone.